North Shore Neighbourhood House

North Shore Neighbourhood House

LifeSpace and the North Shore Neighbourhood House

One of our core values at Lifespace Gardens is to us to give back to the community we live in. We do this in a number of different ways and support a number of different organizations and charities. One of which is the Edible Garden Project (EGP). We have had an ongoing relationship with them for many years. They dedicate their time and resources to growing organic produce and to educate the North Vancouver community. They also run frequent workshops throughout the season and take on a number of local volunteers.

Last Spring Lifespace Gardens joined forces with the North Shore Neighbourhood House (NSNH) and the EGP for the Telus Day of Giving. Every year Telus spends a day and contributes to their communities. This past year their contribution was 30 Lifespace Gardens Project Garden Box to Loutet Farm run by the EGP. We spent the day at Loutet Farm and the neighbourhood, EGP and lots of Telus employees came to help build and plant the Lifespace Gardens.

The North Shore Neighbourhood House who is the founder of EGP is another organization that we love and support. They run a multitude of different childcare and community initiatives. In 2015 we donated some Lifespace Gardens to their day care centres all throughout the North Shore.

We believe it is an integral part of childhood to get your hands dirty and for kids to learn about where their food comes from. There’s nothing like planting a tiny seed and a few months later pulling out a carrot the size of your face. Getting kids excited about growing food gets us excited and that’s why we support and will continue to support the North Shore Neighbourhood House and the Edible Garden Project.