GardenDistrict - July Update

GardenDistrict - July Update

Cucamelons at Toa Organics 07/26/18
Cucamelons growing at Tao Organics July 26, 2018

It's been almost 2 months since 18 Lower Lonsdale businesses
planted their LifeSpace 'Shipyard Garden District' self-watering gardens! 

General update:

The gardens look stunning! They are being highly noticed, enjoyed, and appreciated by the general public and our Shipyard District. Lycia and Wes from the LifeSpace team have been doing weekly visits to each garden helping to harvest, maintain the gardens, take photos, and share growing knowledge.

"People are walking by talking about how pretty it is!" - Shelley, garden champion of North Vancouver Chamber 

What now?

For a majority of the gardens, its time to harvest!

Harvest basil Harvest swiss chard 
Harvest BASIL 
...by pinching the stems just above the leaf node, where new ones will grow. A regular harvest will encourage continuous production and to ask the plant to bush out and remain lush instead becoming tall and woody.


...when leaves are 6-9 inches tall and continue to harvest them every week.  
To harvest, carefully cut the outer stem at the plant base with scissors.
...this is the process of removing dead blossoms that are no longer blooming and will encourage your plant to produce more flowers.

More harvest tips:




Alpine Strawberries 


      • Powdery mildew spreads more rapidly in areas of minimal sun expose.
      • If cucumber leaves show signs of powdery mildew (small white spots on leaves) remove the infected leaves from the plant.
      • It's crucial that these summer crops are placed in an optimal location for max sun exposure.
      • This may require monitoring the sun and even changing the position of the garden at certain times of the day.

What's coming up:

First big harvest Thursday August 2, 2018 with produce going to the Harvest Project.
More gardens! The Shipyard Garden District is getting 4 new gardens permanently installed for the community to enjoy. STAY TUNED for location details!

Garden District Tuesdays on LifeSpace Instagram! Follow @lifespacegardens to be a part of the action.



    Happy Growing
    - From your friends at LifeSpace Gardens