Gift of Garden Consultation - Vancouver
Gift of Garden Consultation - Vancouver
Gift of Garden Consultation - Vancouver
Gift of Garden Consultation - Vancouver
Gift of Garden Consultation - Vancouver
Gift of Garden Consultation - Vancouver
Gift of Garden Consultation - Vancouver
Gift of Garden Consultation - Vancouver

Gift of Garden Consultation - Vancouver

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Consultation service areas include North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Downtown, East Vancouver, Kitsilano, & Burnaby. Please contact us if you reside outside of these areas.
Have some ideas and want to get an expert opinion?
Want to transform your space and grow food?
Need an epic design?

Start with a Consultation

We’ll meet with you 1 on 1, or with the whole family, and over an hour or so, we’ll address all the big questions:

  • Optimal garden layout and design based on your space
  • Expert info on sun, soil, watering, and location
  • What can you grow
  • How many seasons you can grow for
  • How big your harvests will be
  • Custom carpentry options 
  • ... And any other questions you might have

We’ll also work with you to talk LifeStyle – the basic expectations and little changes that need to happen in order to make growing your own food so awesome.

Looking for maintenance or hands on education? We’ll talk about that too, and introduce you to all the valuable resources already available to help you out.


By the end of the consultation you’ll have enough info to either go it alone –  or a project quote to have LifeSpace build you a Garden perfectly suited for your space and your LifeStyle.

Ask about project payment plans where the monthly installment is less than the value of the veggies harvested from your garden.


Edible Garden Transformation Process:

Book a Consultation (if you haven't already!) Consultations can take place in person or over WhatsApp/Zoom
  • Fill out, and submit our Pre-Consultation form. This will be sent to you upon purchase of a Consultation and helps us cover a lot of the fundamentals ahead of time so that during our Consultation we can dig right in so you can get maximum value.
  • Book Consultation time. After your Consultation is purchased - we'll reach out to you with available time slots, so that we can link up and get things growing!
  • During the Consultation, we'll address:
    • Ideal Garden Location - considering factors such as Sun Exposure, convenience, and aesthetics.
    • Garden Size - How much do you want to grow?! For how many people, and how often do you want to harvest?
    • LifeStyle - what are your expectations? How much time do you want to commit? What are the little changes you'll have to make to grow for success
    • Harvests- What do you want to grow? What are you favourite veggies? Let's make that list and plan for success!
By the end of the consultation you'll have the confidence to get growing and we'll have all the information we need to provide a project quote and the key elements to start on Step 2.

Having a LifeSpace Garden Plan & Map will guide you through the Growing Season in a fun, easy to follow and engaging way. Building off the information we generate during the consultation process, we can sit down and plan your garden form success! You'll get:

      • A Digital Garden Map planned to the square foot to incorporate all your veggies over a full seasons of growing (Spring, Summer, Autumn/Winter)
      • An Easy to follow Garden Plan simplifies your garden tasks into weekly action plans that direct you on what to do and how to do it. Key dates, key steps, and seasonal transitions are all here for you to follow along with.
      • 2 revisions to get things growing right!

This Document will be presented to you in a digital format that is easy to print out, or follow along with on your digital devices.Having a plan is a necessary and fundamental component to Step 4: Planting, Coaching & Maintenance packages. This document becomes the basis for all future garden talk!

Totally optional, maybe you just needed the plan and you're ready to grow it alone. That's cool. But for most this step is where the fun really starts!

Based off of our Planning and Consultation Steps, we're ready to build you up the Veggie Garden of your dreams! You get to choose from any of our Signature Styles:

From here we can add wood finishing options, growth support, built in seating, and even decking, pergolas or fencing!

When you're LifeSpace Garden installation is complete - you'll be growing in style!


Your Garden is built and you're ready to get growing! The key to success here is your Garden Plan and Map we created for you in Step 2. This becomes the action plan!

Discover our Service Packages here. We can help with:

      • First Planting to set you up for Success!
      • Seasonal transitions to help you get the most out of your garden all year long.
      • Maintenance - Weekly or bi-weekly. Do you want a fresh basket of veggies sitting on your doorstep when you get home without any fuss? No problem! It'll be like a grocery delivery service except your veggies will only travel steps instead of thousands of miles.
      • Garden sitting and Watering. Going away in the summer and need someone to fill the reservoirs on your garden and do some pruning. No problem! We're here for you.
      • Coaching - our most popular option for those looking to grow their green thumb! In these sessions we spend extra time with you and take you through the growing season and cultivate your garden confidence and help you really connect with the process of growing your own food.

**With all of our Gardening services, booking ahead is highly suggested. Our calendar fills up very quickly in the busiest times of the year. Cancellations or rescheduling require 2 Business Days notice to avoid full payment of services. Rates are for labour only. Plants, soil, and garden materials used during these services will be detailed and invoiced separately.


Provide us with your name, email, and let us know if you are a home owner, an architect, or a landscaper.

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