Organic Potting Soil, 50 L Bag

Organic Potting Soil, 50 L Bag

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An ideal soil for vegetables and herbs grown in your LifeSpace garden!

mySoil Organic Potting Mix is made locally on Vancouver Island from the highest quality All Natural ingredients available to produce a professional quality soil for your organic growing needs. 

Contains peat moss, pure coconut coir, premium aged organic compost, organic soil, natural zeolite, organic kelp, premium organic fertilizer, and perlite.

An excellent choice for all your organic edibles in either planters or raised bed gardens.

CondoFarm garden boxes require 1 bag.
For custom garden soil quantity requirements please contact us.

Provide us with your name, email, and let us know if you are a home owner, an architect, or a landscaper.

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