Artifex 4'x4' - Self-Watering Planter Design
Artifex 4'x4' - Self-Watering Planter Design
Artifex 4'x4' - Self-Watering Planter Design
Artifex 4'x4' - Self-Watering Planter Design
Artifex 4'x4' - Self-Watering Planter Design
Artifex 4'x4' - Self-Watering Planter Design
Artifex 4'x4' - Self-Watering Planter Design
Artifex 4'x4' - Self-Watering Planter Design

Artifex 4'x4' - Self-Watering Planter Design

Perfect for growing organic food and balancing your Lifestyle. Chances are – like everyone else – you’ve struggled with watering your garden… every day. We’ve got you covered. Featuring the GardenWell Self-Watering system, this LifeSpace Garden removes the guess work and reduces watering down to a once a week routine. It’s gardening simplified. Expect less watering, bigger harvests, healthy organic produce, and a deeper connection with your food and those you share it with.

The original Artifex gardens were built from the reclaimed old growth cedar of a Rocky Mountain ski hut. It was our first project with UNBUILDERS Deconstruction, a big step in our tradition of building with reclaimed and salvaged materials. The Result? Clean lines, feature hardware and an over all minimalist design. If you want to see these original gardens in person, they’re still growing down at Shipbuilders Coffee at Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver BC.

Since that beautiful install, we’ve formed a partnership with UNBUILDERS to actively reclaim 2x6 cedar from Vancouver houses slated tear down. As opposed to the absurdly wasteful process of standard crunch and dump demolition - Deconstruction is a common sense, yet revolutionary process that sees the vast majority of building material in homes reclaimed, repurposed, or recycled. It’s a process we’re extremely proud to be a part of, and old growth wood is often of the highest quality.

When reclaimed materials are not available or inappropriate for the installation, we use sourced locally select tight knot cedar. In both cases, the durability and construction quality of the Artifex is unsurpassed.

Very popular in the 2x2 and 3x6 sizes – as accents or center pieces imparting an industrial minimalist design.

Local installation is offered with premium organic soil, local seeds, seedlings and optional trellises and built in seating. Custom planting plans and garden coaching is also available.

These gardens look awesome growing food.

5 year LifeSpace warranty – no messing around.

Wood Finish Color Options

  • Raw CedarA completely natural look and feel - no stain. 
    Cedar contains natural strength and antibacterial, self-protective properties which make it one of the most weather resistant wood products.
  • Silver Patina A non-toxic wood finish. 
    LifeTime Silver Patina wood finish enhances the natural color of the cedar from a medium grey to warm grey over time when exposed to sun and water. The color tends to soften and the natural beauty of the wood's grain will shine through. This is a safe and chemical-free wood stain.
  • Clear Coat with Black Trim : A premium food-safe garden box. 
    Extra care is put into this box by planing and sanding the wood to create an extremely smooth surface while also enhancing aesthetic. Two coats are then applied of Osmo stain, a finish made from a unique combination of natural oils and waxes that enhance the character of the wood. The oils penetrate deeply keeping the wood elastic and healthy - it does not crack, flake, or peel. Osmo is an environmentally friendly wood finish and safe for humans, animals, and plants. 
  • Soil Depth : 12"
  • Water Reservoir Capacity : 7 Litres/ sqft
  • Handcrafted : North Vancouver, BC
  • Standard sizes (inner garden area)
      • 24" L X 24" W X 21" H (2'X2')
      • 24" L X 48" W X 21" H (2'X4')
      • 36" L X 72" W X 21" H (2'X6')
      • 48" L X 48" W X 21" H (4'X4')
      • 36" L X 96" W X 21" H (3'X8')
  • Western Red Cedar, reclaimed or custom milled
  • GardenWell self-watering system
  • Waterproof Food-Safe Liner for truly safe and organic foods
  • Non-corrosive stainless steel hardware
The Artifex Style garden is built to order. Lead time is approx 2 weeks.

This garden has custom shipping, please get in touch with us below for a quote!

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