Factory Special Artifex 2&
Factory Special Artifex 2&
Factory Special Artifex 2&
Factory Special Artifex 2&
Factory Special Artifex 2&
Factory Special Artifex 2&
Factory Special Artifex 2&

Factory Special Artifex 2' x 2'

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$476.00 CAD

These 2'x2' Artifex gardens are built using the offcuts from our larger gardens. Clean lines and minimalist design. The Artifex is our take on a modern, yet timeless, raised bed design. Featuring stainless steel, industrial-grade hardware, trim mitered caps, and the SIP.tech sub-irrigation system - this self-watering garden grows great in any setting.

** Disclaimer: These Factory Special items are not perfect. Given the nature of our materials and sustainability goals, there will be imperfections. We hate to waste! A few examples may be; dings, dents, scratches, rough surfaces, imperfect/damaged stains and manufacturing oopsies. They are still fully functional and will give you years of effortless growing and incredible crop yields using our Sub-Irrigation System.

Provide us with your name, email, and let us know if you are a home owner, an architect, or a landscaper.

Above size selections are Inner Garden DimensionsAdd 3" to accommodate wall thickness for full Exterior Garden Dimensions.

Planters are custom built to order. Lead times vary. For pricing & shipping, please request a Quote or book an Edible Garden Consultation to learn more.

Soil Depth : 12" | Water Reservoir Capacity : ~7 Litres/ sqft | Reservoir fills per year: ~ 8-12

Handcrafted in North Vancouver, BC


Self-Watering Technology

Learn how our innovative Sub-Irrigated Planter technology helps you save water, save time, and grow a healthier garden.

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Wood Finishes

Raw Cedar

Western Red Cedar is the wood that defines the West Coast. Rich in natural oils, making it highly resilient to the elements - seasons beautifully over time.

Silver Patina

LifeTime Silver Patina is a natural wood finish friendly to plants, animals, and people. Never scrape or re-stain again does not fade or wear.

Clear Coat

OSMO is an environmentally friendly wood finish, safe for humans, animals, and plants. The natural oils enhance the character and tone of the wood.

Natural Stain w/Teak Trim

A classic wood stain finish to bring out the warmth and character of your LifeSpace Garden. Our original colour combo.

Silver Patina w/Black Trim

Get the benefits of LifeTime Silver Patina, with the added style of Black Trim for a style that suits many modern landscapes.

Clear Coat W/Black Trim

OSMO Clear highlights grains and wood tones in a way no other finish can match. Trim with Black for a finish that pops.


Designer's Dream

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LifeSpace Guarantee

Premium Craftsmanship

All our products are made with the highest quality of raw materials to withstand any weather condition.

10-Year Guarantee

This product is backed by a 10-year LifeSpace Warranty.

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