GardenWell Kit 2x4

GardenWell Kit 2x4


The perfect kit for DIY-ers who want to make their own unique gardens, or update existing gardens. It is the simplest, most efficient and most successful way to add irrigation, and leave costly, time-wasting top watering behind.

Our GardenWells come in standard sizes as 1'x1' click-together inserts, for ease of installation. The system also comes complete with polypropylene FS Liner, WaterStem and FloatGauge, and an OverFlow drain to ensure your self-watering garden won't overflow.


  • 8 - Wells at 12"X12" each 
  • 1 - FS Liner 80"X56"
  • 1 - WaterStem
  • 1 - OverFlow
  • 1 - Instructions


  • 56L Reservoir
  • 8 sq. ft growing space