Growing in July

July Top 3: 1. Planting Outside 2. Vertical Training 3. Watering 

It's July and the weather is reliably hot. Focus on weed and pest control, growing vertically, starting plants indoors and outdoors, filling water reservoir and harvesting this month. 

Maybe you're just getting started in the garden this month, or perhaps you want to extend the season. Either way, July is not too late to be direct seeding a variety of delicious veggies into the garden. July is a good time to begin thinking about your Fall and Winter crops too. For plants that take a long time to mature, you will want to start them in a seed tray in July.  

In the garden, keep on training your vining plants to grow vertically. Staking, caging and trellising on a regular basis makes this task much easier on both you and the plant. Harvest daily where you can! The more you harvest the more the plant will produce.

It is very important in the hot weather that your water reservoir remains full to ensure that the plants fruit successfully. Keep the area free of weeds and be on the lookout for any pest damage.

Search our collection of seeds that can be started indoors or planted outside this month

Beans (Bush)
Beans (Pole)
Bok Choy
Buttercrunch Lettuce