Growing in June

June Top 3: 1. Planting Outside 2. Vertical Training 3. Harvesting 

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June is a busy time in the garden full of transplanting, direct seeding, maintenance and harvest.

When nighttime temperatures are reliably above 10 degrees, finish transplanting any warm season vegetables outside. Continue direct seeding a wide range of veggies. Water any new transplants or directly seeded veggies with care. The warm weather can dry out the top 2 inches of soil, even with sub-irrigation, so water from the top until root systems are established. Some plants, such as tomatoes and cucumbers, will need to be trained to grow vertically using stakes, cages and trellises.

If you are transitioning the garden from Spring plants to Summer plants add a bit of compost in between plantings to ensure the new plants will have enough nutrients to thrive. Many of our summer favourites are heavy feeders and will need the extra boost! 

As always, be on the lookout for weeds and signs of pest damage. The earlier you spot these things the easier they are to control! 

Sub-Irrigation Watering Frequency: 4-6x a month
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