Mustard Greens
Mustard Greens
Mustard Greens
Mustard Greens

Mustard Greens

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Curated for container and raised bed gardening, each seed pack represents 1 square foot of garden space - Perfect for planning your LifeSpace Garden.

Mustard Greens are a great addition to any container garden and to your kitchen! It comes in many different colours and is hot/zesty when raw.  Mustard isn’t too bothered by pests or diseases.

Seeds per Pack: 32-36 | Spacing per square foot: 16

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Plant 16 seeds per square foot

Sun Exposure

Mustard Greens needs 4-6 hours or more of sunlight

Start Indoors


Transplant Outside


Direct Seed

Feb, Mar, April, May, Aug, Sep, Oct


April, May, June, July, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov

How do I Grow Mustard Greens?

Direct sow mustard seeds in the early spring at a spacing of 9 per square-foot. Succession plant every 2-3 weeks until late spring, for a continuous harvest. Skip summer plantings because they don’t grow well in warm weather, then resume planting at the end of August and into the fall.

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Harvest mustard leaves once they are about 4-6" long. Try using the "cut and come again" harvesting technique, this is where you cut the entire plant down to 1", leaving the root system intact. The plant will regrow its leaves for multiple harvests. You can also allow the leaves to grow larger and pick them from the outside in as you need them. With each harvest the leaves will get more spicy. 

Helpful Tips and Tricks

They are quick to bolt, try heavy mulch and a shade cover if the weather gets really hot and dry. If they do bolt, the flowers are edible and delicious.


1 cup: Vitamin A (116%), Vitamin C (65%), Vitamin K (348%), Folate (26%), Manganese (13%)

Preparing and using

Use mustard greens like you would any other salad green. They add a nice tang to salads or stir fry

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