October Top 3: 1. Harvesting 2. Cold Weather Protection 3. Garlic 

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In October your garden will experience cooler temperature extremes and hard frosts. It is crucial that your veggies are protected with either mulch, a cold cloche or both. 

Gently train your peas to climb up their trellis and thin any seedlings that were planted too densely. If you still have any garden supplies such as stakes or cages lying around the garden, bring them inside to protect their longevity. Clean up any remaining plant debris in the garden, you will thank yourself in the Spring!

Use fallen Autumn leaves as mulch to insulate and add warmth to the soil and root systems. During this time, there is no rush to remove plants from the ground. As vegetables mature they will lay dormant in the ground, ready for harvest when you want them.

Sub-Irrigation Watering Frequency: 0-2x a month
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