Growing in September

September Top 3: 1. Soil Amendments 2. Planting Outside 3. Harvesting

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September marks the beginning of unpredictable and cooler weather. It may be time to take the cold cloche out of the shed and have it handy.

Winter gardening is about establishing plants at the end of summer and letting them mature throughout the Fall. You want the plants to be close to maturity by Halloween. After that date plants mature very slowly and do not regrow until the weather begins to warm up. Since the growth period for winter and fall crops is time sensitive, finish transplanting and direct seeding in the first few weeks of September. This is a good time to begin preparing your perennials for winter too. Between each summer and fall crop, replenish the soil with compost, remove any debris and break up any compaction that has occurred.

Sub-Irrigation Watering Frequency: 2-4x a month
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