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Curated for container and raised bed gardening, each seed pack represents 1 square foot of garden space - Perfect for planning your LifeSpace Garden.

Arugula is a great addition to any container garden. The leaves are tender and provide interesting flavours to your salad. It may bolt in the heat, but the good news is you can actually eat the white flowers!

Seeds per Pack: 32-36 | Spacing per square foot: 16

All profits from our seed sales go towards cool community partner initiatives that bring people together. Have an idea? Tell us about it!

The biggest reason most gardens fail... is water.

LifeSpace Gardens overcome this challenge by emulating the water tables found in all the most abundant natural environments. This technique is know as sub-irrigation and creates the ideal growing conditions for long term sustainability, convenience and growing success.

  • Save more than 80% of the water consumed by traditional techniques

  • Reduce maintenance from daily to weekly - or less

  • Improve yields and grow healthier plants

    Our patented food safe Self-Watering System will also:

    • Sequester Rain Water

    • Help you overcome droughts

    • Remove the guess work around watering

    • Eliminate mess and offer drainage control

    • Add 2-3x the lifespan to you garden by protecting it from rot




    LifeSpace Wood Finishes

    LifeSpace Gardens Guarantee

    Your LifeSpace Garden is crafted out of Western Red Cedar, harvested from the forests of British Columbia. The natural characteristics and high oil content of this beautiful wood makes it ideal to use outside and withstand the seasonal elements. Cedar, like all natural materials, will season uniquely and accrue it own natural patina and character over time. Small cracks, silvering, knot holes and weathering are all part of this natural process. However, with proper care, your garden can last a lifetime.

    The LifeSpace Guarantee takes this natural process to mind. The wood will age, but the craftsmanship will remain. We guarantee the structural integrity of your LifeSpace Garden & the functioning of your GardenWell sub-irrigation system.

    10 year Warranty:

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    Elevated Artifex Planter

    5 year Warranty:

    ProjectGarden Box DIY Kit





    Process and Exclusions

    We reserve the right to replace or repair as required. Issues we can help with, but not included in the warranty: improper installation or assembly when not performed by a LifeSpace certified installer, puncturing of the liner, aesthetic imperfections, cracking or checking of the wood as it seasons, wood finish/stain, castors or wheels, damage during moving or installation and wood rot from lack of basic maintenance or improper installation.

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    Our GardenWell Kits and custom built garden models, such as: Heirloom, Artifex, Elevated Heirloom/Artfiex, Harvest Table, and any CondoFarm with engraving or custom finishing are built and assembled to order and not eligible for return and deposits non-refundable.

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    Edible Gardens, Foodscaping and Urban Agriculture are our specialty!


    Plant 16 seeds per square foot

    Sun Exposure

    Arugula needs 4-6 hours of sun exposure

    Start Indoors


    Transplant Outside


    Direct Seed

    March, April, May, June, July, August & September


    April, May, June, July, August, September and October

    How Do I Grow Arugula

    To direct seed, sow your seeds into your container as early as possible in spring at about 1/4" (6mm) deep. A light frost will not damage seedlings. If you want baby greens space the seeds to 16 per sqf, but if you prefer more mature plants, then thin the seeds to 4 per sqf. Succession plant your arugula every 2-3 weeks for greens all season long. Arugula prefers cold weather and will bolt in summer if they aren’t put in a shady cool area. 

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    When leaves are 4-6 inches long, harvest them. You can harvest whole plant by pulling or cutting just below soil level, or cut the outer leaves as needed. You can also "cut and come again" method where you cut the entire plant down to 1-2” above the soil, leaving the root system and plant crown intact. The leaves will keep re-growing every few weeks for more harvests. You may find the leaves become more spicy with each cutting.

    Helpful Tips and Tricks

    Add flowers of bolted plants to salads or try Italian variety for a stronger taste.


    Arugula is a great source of Nitrate, Calcium, Vitamin K and Folate. 

    Preparing and using

    When you’ve harvested your leaves make sure to use them while they are fresh as they don’t freeze well. Arugula is great in salads or used as garnish! The strong flavour adds a nice kick to any recipe you choose!