Project Garden Box - 3&
Project Garden Box - 3&

Project Garden Box - 3'x3' DIY Self-Watering Garden Kit

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The perfect kit for DIY-ers! This kit comes with our patented self-watering system and everything you need to build your own garden. It is the simplest, easiest way to start growing your own food at home.

Assemble in under an hour. Water once a week. Fresh food for a lifetime!

Dimensions: 38" x38" x 16"H  | Growing Space: 9 sqft | Soil Depth: 12" | Soil Capacity: 255 Litres | | Reservoir Capacity : 63 Litres


  • 9 - (1'x1' each)
  • 8 - Cedar side panels 
  • 1 - FoodSafe Liner cut and folded to size
  • 1 - WaterStem & FloatGauge
  • 1 - OverFlow
  • 8 - Corner Bracket Rods


Provide us with your name, email, and let us know if you are a home owner, an architect, or a landscaper.

How Does it Work?

In nature, the greenest most bountiful areas have one thing in common - a continuous source of groundwater. Instead of relying on the irregularity of rain, moisture is wicked up from water tables below the ground, which consistently provides plants with the optimal hydration level that allows them to thrive.

Advantages & Benefits

Save Water

Compared to traditional watering techniques, up to 80% less water is required. Evaporation is limited as water is held under the soil. Reservoirs can go a week or longer in between required fill ups.

Longer Life

Wood/Cedar is fully protected from soil/water by the waterproof liner, this eliminates chances of rot and greatly improves longevity and aesthetics of your planter.

Less Soil

Because water is always available, root systems are smaller so less soil depth is required than traditional raised beds: 8-12" of growing medium depth is suggested for veggies and most annuals.

No Guess Work

As long as there is water in the reservoir it wicks up naturally creating the perfect environment for your plants and veggies to grow.

Bigger Yields

Soil never dries out, so there is no water stress and plants always have the moisture levels they need to thrive.

Water Stress Free

Fill it and forget it, check water levels once a week, go away for long weekends without water worries and come home to a thriving bountiful garden.

How-to-Install Basics - Read all steps first!

1. Prepare Location. Garden location should be level and free from any 'pointy' ground obstructions, like sharp roots or rocks.

2. Build Garden Box/Raised Bed. For ease of use with the 1ft x 1ft modular SIPs, build your garden to full-foot interior dimensions, and without interior obstructions like corner bracing/framing. Put your structure on the outside!

3. Install Foodsafe Liner. Your liner will be cut and folded to accommodate your garden's interior floor footprint and wall height/soil depth. Simply unfold like origami and staple into place around the top rim! Trim any excess if required.

4. Install Overflow. Predrilling the overflow hole before you install the liner is best-practice. It should be drilled 3" up from the floor bottom inside your garden – and ‘on center’ of the level at the top of the SIP inserts once installed.

5. Install SIPs. Click SIPs together into your garden shape, and place them down into the floor of your garden.

6. Install WaterStem. Cut out the pre-marked circular hole in any one of your SIPs – you choose which corner works best for your space - and insert the WaterStem. Add the StemCap and FloatGuage.

7. Install Soil. Use a “container blend” with peat moss or coco coir to create the ideal conditions for capillary action – the ‘sipping’ of water from the reservoir up through the soil - to continuously satisfy your thirsty plants’ roots.

8. Water...and Plant! Give the soil a proper soaking from above at first. Then plant your seeds or seedlings into their happy new home! Top water until their roots are established - so they can then be ‘self-watered’ from the reservoir below for the rest of the season. You’re growing!

For more detailed instructions and Pro-Tips, contact us and/or check the How-To-Install video above!

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