Quality Craftsmanship

In pursuit of building the perfect Garden

Form Follows Function

Traditionally, planter boxes and raised beds have largely been thought of a disposable items. Built to last only several seasons and then thrown out and replaced. Naturally, this approach results in the form of poorly built products destined to begin falling apart the second they go into use. Providing a detracting aesthetic value to what has the potential to be an astoundingly beautiful landscape and. A waste.

Taking Gardens to the Next Level

The most beautiful, highest quality wood in the world comes from the rain forests of the West Coast. Respect. This singular element is what we aim to bring to the forefront in our designs and construction. 

An approach that breaks the traditional mold.

The wood our gardens are built out of, takes decades to grow. So LifeSpace Gardens are built to last decades or longer - that's our idea of sustainability.

These are but some of the features that elevate our gardens to the next level, and allow you to enjoy the aesthetic beauty, craftsmanship, and delicious veggies they bring for a lifetime.

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