How are the gardens self-watering?

LifeSpace Gardens are designed with LifeSpace wicks that separate a hidden reservoir from soil. Our wicking system moves just enough water up through capillary action to maintain a consistent moisture level and give plants exactly the amount of water they need—without wasting a drop. Ideal for the environment, your water bill, and your growing plants.

How often do I fill the reservoir?

The amount of time between fills varies between each model, the season, and your space—ranging from one week to a month. Each square foot holds 7 litres of water, and the larger the garden, the less often you fill. Just keep an eye on the visible water gauge and it will tell you exactly when to fill. By the end of a season, you will get to know your LifeSpace Garden’s unique personality and its watering needs!

What materials are used?

LifeSpace Gardens are handcrafted exclusively in North Vancouver from locally sourced red and yellow cedar and stained with water-based outdoor wood finish. Each LSG is lined with food safe waterproof liner to protect the cedar and your growing food. Our proprietary wicking system separates soil from the water reservoir with durable and food safe plastic. LSG rests on strong low-pro wheels, and we glue and screw with non-corrosive stainless steel hardware. Expect your gardens to last.

What do I need to grow?

What can I grow?

Most vegetables grow better in self-watering conditions than in traditional containers where they experience a constant cycle of wet to dry, with the exception of some drought-loving herbs. Choose compact varieties and high producers like cut-and-come again lettuces and cherry tomatoes. LifeSpace Gardens are designed for high-density growing and can produce as much veggies in 20% of the space of traditional row gardening.