How it Works

In nature, the greenest most bountiful areas have one thing in common - a continuous source of groundwater. Instead of relying on the irregularity of rain, moisture is wicked up from water tables below the ground, which consistently provides plants with the optimal hydration level that allows them to thrive.

The GardenWell System allows you to create this same water wicking environment in almost any raised bed or container garden.


  1. Fill your garden through the WaterStem, which also doubles as a float gauge. This will deposit water below the soil into a hidden reservoir below the GardenWells.
  2. The reservoir holds 7 litres of water per square foot of garden space. As long as it contains any water, it will wick up naturally into the soil above consistently and evenly. Expect to fill your reservoir every 1-2 weeks
  3. Your garden now has the perfect moisture level to thrive! Expect bigger yields and healthier, tastier veggies - all without the guesswork and daily task of watering



You’ll get bigger yields, healthier plants, and a much more efficient use of water. You also won’t have to water nearly as much - with a reservoir size of 7 liters per sqft of garden space, it’s like having a rain barrel and garden in one. So instead of watering your garden everyday, even in the middle of Summer, the most you’ll be filling up the reservoir is about once a week.

Most importantly, the GardenWell system gives you the best chance at garden success. In a world of busy schedules and spontaneous events, it can be hard to keep your garden growing. GardenWells remove the guesswork, while taking a daily chore and simplifying it to a weekly or bi-weekly task. GardenWell allows you to go away in the Summer without water worries - hit the beach, or take the kids camping, then come home to a garden that is lush and ripe and ready for harvest. It’s the easiest, most rewarding way to experience the pleasure of growing your own food.

Yes it works for flowers, and roses, and bushes too!

Hidden Benefits