The Experience of Growing

Grow what you can, with the space you have.

Do you wish you could grow your own food?

We'd wager that the answer is yes - because everyone answers yes. There are just certain challenges that stop us, mostly presented by the busy urban lifestyles that most of us now lead.

Finding the time, finding the space, not really knowing how to do it, and remembering when to water. Those are the challenges that we hear time after time, and those are that challenges that we're here to help you over come.

Why? Because growing your own food is an amazing experience. Beyond the simple convenience of being able to harvest a quick salad from your patio, or impressing your dinner guests with fresh herbs strait from the garden, growing your own food is your connection to nature.

Children understand it.

There is a definite moment, and you see it explode in a child's eyes, when they put everything together and realize that the tomato they are eating, has come from the plant they have been tending, that has come from the seed they have planted. Connection. Hope. Magic... Nature



Everything else follows: Nutrition, health, flavour, beauty, convenience, fun! Growing your own food is a fundamental experience that leads directly to happiness, and an investment that will continue to pay you back for the rest of your life.

Organic Veggies are more than what you eat - it's the lifestyle of the future.

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