The Sub-Irrigation System

"We realized that the biggest challenge standing between people and growing their own food is water. How much? How often? And simply remembering to do it. We felt that if we could create a solution that removes the guess work and makes watering easy and attractive - it would make growing food a lot more fun and a lot easier to fit into your lifestyle."

- Wes Hooper Co-Founder

Watch the System in action - 6 fills in 60 Summer Days

How it Works

In nature, the greenest most bountiful areas have one thing in common - a continuous source of groundwater. Instead of relying on the irregularity of rain, moisture is wicked up from water tables below the ground, which consistently provides plants with the optimal hydration level that allows them to thrive.

The Sub-Irrigation System allows you to create this same water-wicking environment in almost any raised bed or container garden.


You’ll get bigger yields, healthier plants, and a much more efficient use of water. You also won’t have to water nearly as much - with a reservoir size of 7 liters per sqf of garden space, it’s like having a rain barrel and garden in one. So instead of watering your garden everyday, even in the middle of Summer, the most you’ll be filling up the reservoir is about once a week.



  • uses a modular system for creating self-watering gardens of any shape or size.
  • The hidden water reservoir holds 7 Litres per sqft - the bigger the garden, the bigger the reservoir.
  • Foodsafe non-leaching waterproof liner designed for organic growing.
  • WaterStem/Float gauge for easy watering and garden maintenance.
  • Reservoir Overflow so you never over water and your garden never floods.


  • Less Water. Compared to traditional watering techniques, up to 80% less water is required.
    • Evaporation is limited as water is held under the soil.
    • Reservoirs can go a week or longer in between required fill ups.
  • Less Soil. Because water is always available, root systems are smaller so less soil depth is required than traditional raised beds: 8-12" of growing medium depth is suggested for veggies and most annuals.
  • Ideal Growing Conditions. Soil self-regulates moisture levels through capillary action so conditions are always optimal.
  • Easy to Monitor. The simple yet attractive float gauge makes monitoring your easy and strait forward.
  • Longer Life. Wood/Cedar is fully protected from soil/water by the waterproof liner, this eliminates chances of rot and greatly improves longevity and aesthetics of your planter.


  • No Guess Work. As long as their is water in the reservoir it wicks up naturally creating the perfect environment for your plants and veggies to grow.
  • Bigger Yields/Healthier Plants. Soil never dries out, so there is no water stress and plants always have the moisture levels they need to thrive.
  • Weeks Between Watering. Summer vacations? Limited maintenance time/budget? No problem. Check water levels once a week then fill it and forget it. Go away for long weekends without water worries and come home to a thriving bountiful garden.
  • Simplified Garden Success. Simplicity of maintenance, ideal growing conditions, and attractive and ergonomic design all contribute to garden success. Garden success creates excitement, and excitement creates engagement, 


Hidden Benefits

  • Your system can be hooked up to the downspout of your house to collect rain water.
  • The Foodsafe Liner also doubles as a protective membrane that eliminates the chance of rot, and ensures that nothing leeches into the soil. This combination will more than double the expectant lifespan of your cedar or wood garden.
  • The system is essentially mess free. Instead of making a mess every time you water, simply fill your garden through the WaterStem, knowing that the only place water will come from is the OverFlow once the reservoir is full. The balconies below you will thank you!