Join us for the 2020 LifeSpace Lonsdale Garden Hunt

** Over 100 prizes to be found! **

Well 2020 has been a wild year hasn't it? Forget the madness for a moment... how about the positives? Community, friendship, local biz and growing your own food are all back on center stage - and that's worth celebrating.

This Saturday, Sept 5th from 11-3pm in partnership with some awesome businesses of Lower Lonsdale, we're putting on the 1st annual LifeSpace Garden Hunt!

Think Amazing Race - meets Local Food

LifeSpace is all about taking the space you have, and bringing it to Life. The Shipyards Garden District is a demonstration that with a bit of community effort... fruits, herbs, and veggies can be grown anywhere!

But just why? We've got our LifeSpace 13 Reasons To Grow Your Own Food, and you've got to find them all!

Click here to view the printable Shipyards Garden District map

Your Mission

Hidden amongst the 30+ gardens of the Shipyards Garden District are the LifeSpace "13 Reasons to Grow Your Own Food"

Find all 13 reasons and decode the secret location to win!!

Grand Prize

1) Grab your camera and take a picture of all 13 Reasons to Grow Your Own Food.
2) Once discovered, use all 13 Reasons to decode the hidden message to discover the secret Grand Prize location.
3) Be the first person to find the secret Grand Prize location, with a picture of all 13 Reasons to Grow Your Own Food, and you win the LifeSpace 2020 Garden Hunt!

    Win this Epic Garden!

      Treasure Tokens

      While on the hunt, keep an eye out for more than 100 Treasure Tokens hidden in the gardens, and redeemable for awesome prizes at local businesses

      Find a token to claim a free treat from one of the following local businesses

      Cookies – Provided by Lift Breakfast Bakery : 50 hidden tokens
      Kombucha slushies – provided by Larry’s Market : 30 hidden tokens
      Scoops of Icecream – provided by Earnest Ice Cream : 25 hidden tokens
      Scoops of Icecream – Provided by Welcome Parlour : 25 hidden tokens
      Pizza slices – provided by Bowen Pizza Co : 20 hidden tokens  
      Smoothies – provided by The Green Moustache : 10 hidden tokens  

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      Social Media Prizes


      Share your passion for the hunt - Share your love of gardening - Share your favourite prizes - or even share the secret locations

      Use #LifeSpace2020 to share your favourite moments throughout the day - and you could win some great prizes.

      From hats and shirts, to ice cream and pizza... sharing is caring!

      Follow our @LifeSpaceGardens stories on Facebook or Instagram for tips and secret prize drops throughout the day.




      Saturday Sept 5th,  2020  11am-3pm


      Lower Lonsdale's Shipyards Garden District in North Vancouver

      All prizes and clues can be discovered in garden box locations outlined in the map above, between Lonsdale Quay Seabus Station and 3rd Street and between Mahon Ave and St. Georges Ave. Sponsored by the Lower Lonsdale BIA and other local businesses who are growing LifeSpace self-watering planter boxes. Fun for everyone – but please make sure to respectfully keep your distance! 

      Click here to view the printable Shipyards Garden District map


      Throughout the day, our Garden Fairies will be hiding seed packs, gifts, and PRIZE TOKENS throughout the gardens in Lower Lonsdale's Shipyards Garden District for participants to hunt and discover!

      Happy hunting!