Why Self-Watering?

Grow vegetables self-watering garden

So that you can have success in your garden. That's why!

A word from the gardeners...

Google Reviews:

"...Love that I didn't have to worry if I forgot to get out everyday to water as I knew they would be getting plenty of water all on their own..." - Bettina Reid

"...These gardens are virtually work free once you plant them up. Fill the reservoir and voila--things just grow like crazy!" - Deborah Kerr

"This was my second summer with my LifeSpace box and like last year, everything I grew in the box was far more fruitful than any of my other plantings. Plus, it was great to not have to worry about watering when away on all our vacations!" - Sarah Kilmartin

Enjoy a host of benefits!

Depending on the size of the garden, most clients report filling their reservoir with water once a week or less!


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