Sun Exposure

16 per sqf           Spring, Fall 4-6hrs+


Arugula is a great additional to any container garden. The leaves are tender and provide interesting flavours to your salad. It may bolt in the heat, but the good news is you can actually eat the white flowers!

How do I Grow Arugula?  

For arugula directly sow your seeds into your container as early as possible in spring at about 1/4 inches deep. A light frost will not damage seedlings. If you want baby greens space the seeds closely, but if you prefer more mature plants, then thin the seeds to 6 inches apart. Succession plant your arugula, or plant every 2-3 weeks for greens all season long. Arugula prefers cold weather and will bolt in summer if they aren’t put in a shady cool area.

Companion Plants

Cabbage, Cucumbers, bush beans, beets, carrots


When leaves are 4-6 inches long, harvest them. You can harvest whole plant by pulling or cutting just below soil level, or you could use cut and come again harvesting for the entirety of the season. This is when you cut the entire plant down to 1” above the soil, you will get more per plant. Use your leaves fresh and don’t freeze them. 


Arugula is a great source of Nitrate, Calcium, Vitamin K and Folate. 

Preparing and using

When you’ve harvested your leaves make sure to use them while they are fresh as they don’t freeze well. Arugula is great is salads or eaten raw! The strong flavour adds a nice kick to any recipe you choose! 

Helpful Tips and Tricks

Add flowers of bolted plants to salads or try Italian variety for a stronger taste.