Sun Exposure

        4 per square foot  Summer 6-8hrs+


Basil is a delicious and delightful herb that comes in many flavours like cinnamon and licorice. Basil is a non-invasive member of the mint family and is widely used around in cuisines and even for religious ceremonies.

How Do I Grow Basil?

Basil is easy to grow from seed and you can start the seeds indoors about four weeks before the last spring frost. 

With your basil seeds, sow more than you think you will need, only 60% of the seeds will germinate.  When you are planting your seeds, press them into the soil and sift a little soil over them.  Make sure to space the seeds 2-3 inches apart from each other, then thin them out to 4-8 inches apart.

When you’re starting the seeds make sure nighttime temperatures are above 10 C because the basil will not survive the cooler temperatures. If you plant basil in containers, you can move the containers indoors to help keep them warm at night.

Make sure to keep your reservoir well watered because basil needs moist soil to flourish, and be sure to keep weeds out of your containers. Plan on harvesting all your basil before the first fall frost.

If you live somewhere with a shorter growing season, we recommend looking for transplants from your local nursery. However, most basil transplants are over seeding, meaning the seedling with likely need to be divided. Aim to plant 2-3 plants per spacing. 




Harvest basil by pinching the stems just above the leaf node, where new ones will grow. Harvest basil regularly to encourage continuous production, and to ask the plant to bush out and remain lush instead becoming tall and woody.


2 tbsp: Vitamin K (27%), Vitamin A (6%), Manganese (3%), Omega-3 (16.6mg), Iron (1%)

Preparing and Using

Basil gets its best flavor from the smaller leaves that make up the growing tips of the plant, one of the reasons to harvest from the top. Basil doesn’t do well refrigerated, so keep fresh basil in a jar of water for a few days. Basil can also be dried or frozen.

Helpful Tips and Tricks

You can grow basil successfully indoors in a pot by a bright window. Grow basil with other plants, it thrives and gives you a nicer flavour.