Sun Exposure

        9 per sqft Spring, Summer, Fall Shade tolerant (4-8hrs)


Beets are a dinner table favourite and a great vegetable to grow in your container. They are a multipurpose in two ways; in that it can be used at many stages of its growth and that you can eat the entire plant, including the greens. They have a deep taproot, so a self watering container is the ideal environment for beets.

Beets are mostly pest and disease free and they are resistant to both fall and spring frosts, which makes them a very durable and hardy vegetable. In the summer, when the weather is hot the roots may get very hard.

How Do I Grow Beets?

Beet seeds are actually compound seeds, which means they have as many as half a dozen seeds packed into to one. Before planting pre-soak the seeds for several hours to encourage germination. Once your seeds are pre-soaked plant 1/2" inch deep and 2-4 inches apart, and plant them one month before the last spring frost. 

Thin the young plants when they are 2-3 inches tall as they can become woody and tasteless when left in the ground too long. Small monthly sowings will give you a continuous supply of tender sweet beets. Or let the greens grow a bit and harvest some for greens. If you plan to harvest them young, you can over seed a bit. 

Companion Plants

Allium family, beans, lettucebrassica, tomato


Harvest the greens by cutting the outer leaves individually, try not to take more than one or two leaves from each plant.  Beet roots are at their best and most tender when they are half size, so harvest the roots when they are about the size of a ping pong ball.  You can check the size of the roots by digging around the root with your fingers to uncover the top and check the size.

When you are harvesting the tops leave 1 inch of stem attached to the roots to prevent them from bleeding.


Greens 1 cup: Vitamin A (48%), Vitamin C (19%), Vitamin K (190%), Potassium (8%)

Roots 1 cup: Protein (4%), Vitamin C (11%), Folate (37%), Manganese (22%), Potassium (13%), Magnesium (8%)

Preparing and using

Use the beet’s greens whole or chopped in fresh salads.  Beets can be served boiled, steamed, roasted or grilled. 

Helpful Tips and Tricks

Try harvesting beets at difference sizes to see which flavour you like the best!