Sun Exposure

        1/sqft Spring, Fall Shade tolerant (4-8hrs)


Broccoli is another great dinner vegetable that is rich in vitamins and minerals. It requires cool weather and doesn’t like hot summer heat, try to grow them in just the spring and fall. Containers are perfect for growing broccoli whether they are large varieties or smaller varieties, both do well in a compact space. Plant in late summer to take full advantage of the fall season, plus you will have less trouble with pests. Do not put in container of the same family for at least 3 years.

How do I Grow Broccoli?

Start growing your broccoli directly from seed indoors two months before last spring frost and set out hardened off transplants in your garden one month before the last spring frost.  Space your broccoli plants 12-24 inches apart as more space will provide larger heads.  

For fall crops, sow your seeds about ninety days before first fall frost or you can transplant them sixty days before first fall frost.  Protecting the young plants from the cold with rover covers is a good idea might help them grow quicker.

Companion Plants

Artichoke,beets, celery, cucumber, dill, hyssop, nasturtium, radish, rosemary, sage, thyme, Chinese cabbage


When your main central heads are ready to harvest cut them off at the base with a serrated knife or clippers and leave as many leaves as possible.  Make sure the cut the broccoli stem at an angle so it is less likely to rot.  You're broccoli is ready to harvest when the heads appear full and tight, don’t wait too long to harvest because flower buds will open.   

If you have several broccoli plants, don’t wait until they’ve all matured to begin harvesting; instead harvest each plant as soon as it looks ready and keep harvesting regularly to so more broccoli will grow.


1 cup: Protein (5%), Vitamin C (135%), Vitamin K (116%), Folate (14%), Vitamin A (11%), Manganese (10%), Potassium (8%)

Preparing and using

Once you harvest your broccoli, wash it under running water and soak it in cold salted water for 2hr, there might be a green cabbage worm hiding in all the foliage.

If you don’t plan on using your broccoli right away refrigerate them so they stay fresh.  Broccoli can be steamed, boiled, stir fried or enjoy it raw.

Helpful Tips and Tricks

Once you’ve cut away the main stock don’t remove the plant, smaller heads will crop up and form a second harvest.