Sun Exposure

        1per sqft Spring, Fall Shade tolerant (4-8hrs)


Cabbage is very easy to grow and is very satisfying to watch mature! It is frost hardy and is very low maintenance other than the occasional pest. If you plan to plant cabbage in your container garden consider looking for mini or dwarf varieties.

How do I Grow Cabbage?

Cabbage initially needs lots of water making them the perfectly suited to life in our self watering gardens, with a constant supply of water they also grow much faster.  If leaves are spreading to other squares or begin to turn yellow trim them back. Heavy mulch will help retain moisture and keep soil cool throughout the hotter months. Add compost or rotted manure before you plant your cabbage, so soil is rich. 

Companion Plants

Other cabbage, lobelia, and yellow calendulas


Cut the heads at soil level as soon as they reach a harvestable size and they feel firm. Feel free to experiment on size here and see what flavour you prefer depending on size. 


1 Cup: Vitamin C (54%), Vitamin K (85%), Folate (10%), Manganese (7%), Calcium (4%)

Preparing and using

Cabbage can be eaten cooked or raw. Cabbage makes a great addition to a salad, a stir sry or even a sandwich! If kept in a cool dry place it will last weeks after being harvested. 


Helpful Tips and Tricks

Rotate your cabbages every season you plant them to avoid pests and disease.