Sun Exposure

1 per sqf           Spring, Fall 6-8hrs+


Cauliflower is a great veggie to add to your garden! They add an interesting texture and look! Cauliflower is not as cold hardy as other members of the cabbage family. Plus, they are more sensitive to heat, making fall the best season for you to plant cauliflower. 

Growing Guidelines

Cauliflower can be fussy. Stress will cause your plant to behave in certain ways. One way to avoid stressing out your cauliflower is to be careful while transplanting it and not disturb the roots. Try to transplant your seedlings into a container when they are 4-5 weeks old, older seedlings do not transplant as well. 

Keep your newly transplanted seedlings protected with row covers at night to prevent them from freezing too quickly. If the weather is too hot to begin with move your cauliflower container to a cool spot and clip the large leaves over the heads to prevent the sun from damaging them. Keep your cauliflower well watered to avoid bolting in the heat.

Companion Plants

Artichoke, beans,  beetscabbagecelery, nasturtium, rosemary, sage, thyme


1 cup: Vitamin C (77%), Vitamin K (20%), Vitamin B6 (11%), Folate (14%), Potassium (9%), Manganese (8%)

Preparing and using

Cauliflower can be used steamed, boiled, or stir fried, and they are great in soups or salads.

Helpful Tips and Tricks

Use the large cauliflower leaves that you’ve picked off to protect the head from the sun. Simply tie them up and around the head of cauliflower.