Sun Exposure

1 per sqf           Summer 6-8hrs+


Cucumbers are great to grow in a self watering container as they need a lot of water and are very easy to grow in warm weather.  They do take up a lot of room so try growing them up a trellis or looking for a patio variety if you're tight on space. Smaller cucumbers are best for pickling and the larger ones are great for salads.

How Do I Grow Cucumbers?

Start your cucumber seeds indoors about three weeks before last frost date. Plant seeds in individual paper cups with holes in the bottom for drainage then fill with soil. Use the same soil in your paper cups that you would in your container.

The seeds will sprout in about 4-8 days at 70 F and when the shoots start to appear move your seedlings to full sunlight.  Transplant your seedlings into the ground at proper plant spacing (every 12"). Water the cucumbers and cover with a shade cover or cage. If frost threatens, move your cucumbers indoors.

Companion Plants

Beans, broccoli, cabbage, marigold, nasturtium, radish


½ cup: Vitmain K (11%), Vitamin C (2%), Water


Harvest your cucumber by clipping them off the vine when they reach the desired size. Harvest them continually, even if that means putting some in your compost pile or the plant will stop producing cucumbers.

Preparing and using

Wash and scrub your cucumber with a vegetable brush. The long slender ones can be eaten with their skin left on, and you can peel the larger cucumbers.

    Helpful Tips and Tricks

    Pruning the vine to one main stalk will keep production of fruit continuous. There are hundreds of varieties of cucumbers, experiment to find what you like!