Sun Exposure

        4 per sqft Summer Full Sun 6+


Dill is a great addition to your garden. It is highly attractive to beneficial insects and repels some pests. You can also find different varieties of dill with differing growing habits. Some can grow 6’ high while others are compact and well suited to containers.

How do I Grow Dill?

Dill has a long taproot and therefore does not like to be disturbed by transplanting. We recommend direct sowing right into their growing space. Plant outdoors once the threat of frost has passed, dill germinates best at 15-21 C (60- 70 F). Sow every few weeks for a continuous harvest throughout the season.

Companion Plants

Because of their umbellifer shape they are highly attractive to beneficials. Corn, cucumbers, lettuce and onions. Avoid planting near carrots and tomatoes.


You can begin harvesting leaves once plant reaches 6” tall. Once the seed heads form wait until they turn brown then hang them upside down over a paper bag to recover the seeds.


Per 1tbsp: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Folate, Manganese

Preparing and using

Dill loses most of its flavour once dried so freeze it for the best flavour all winter long.

Helpful Tips and Tricks

Plant dill near your brassicas, it will improve the taste!