Sun Exposure

9 per sqf           Spring/Fall 6-8hrs+


Endive is very low maintenance and does well in a self watering garden with a constant supply of water. Try growing them in between tomatoes. If the taste of endive is scaring you off, try harvesting when they are young and tender, this is when they are less pungent.

How do I Grow Endive?

Grow either from seed indoors in late winter or by direct seeding. Plant 2-3 seeds, 1/8 inches deep, in each 2 inch cell. Can start direct seed in early spring where it would continue throughout gardening season. Thin to strongest plant in each cluster. Protect with a row cover so they can keep producing into early winter

Companion Plants

Tomatoes, allysum


1 head: Vitamin A (222%), Vitamin C (56%), Dietary Fibre (64%), Vitamin K (1481%), Thiamin (27%), Riboflavin (23%), Folate 182%), Panthothenic Acid (46%), Menganese (108%), Copper (25%), Calcium (27%)


Cut entire head at the base or pick outer leaves as soon as they are big enough to use.

Preparing and using

Endive is highly nutritional and makes a great addition to salads, plus it adds a gourmet touch. If the taste of endive is too much for you, try blanching it. 

    Helpful Tips and Tricks

    There are many different varieties and close relatives of endive, try some new ones every year to see what suits you best.