Sun Exposure

4 per sqft     Spring, Summer, Fall 6-8hrs+


Garlic is an easy to grow and rewarding crop, it is great in BC’s South Coast as we can grow it over the winter. Although garlic is a fantastic plant to grow, it is not the most ornamental plant. However, the green leaves do repel several common garden pests. Plus, it is perfectly suited to life in a container.

How do I Grow Garlic?

Garlic is generally grown from sets that can be started in fall or spring. Fall planted garlic produces the largest bulbs, they get more time in the ground and a period of hard frost which boosts the flavour. Best planted in the fall 2-4 weeks before first frost. Plant individual cloves, pointed end up; plant 1-2 inches deep and 4-6 inches apart. Deeper planting is best in spots where frequent freezing and thawing may cause the soil to move. In the spring apply tea compost to encourage vigorous growth.

Companion Plants

Tomatoes, beets, strawberries, lettuce, summer savoury and camomile


Antioxidant. Per 1 Cup: Vitamin C (71%), Thiamin 18%, Vitamin B6 (84%), Calcium (25%), Iron (13%), Phosphorus (21%), Manganese (114%), Selenium (28%)


There are 2 choices for harvesting garlic, the 1st choice is about 4-5 weeks after planting when the leaves have started to form, pull the plants and trim away the roots, the rest of the plant, including the bulbs, can be eaten. The 2nd choice is to harvest just the foliage, leaf by leaf, about 1 inch above the soil, it will regrow 4-5 times before all the bulb’s energy is used up. You can also pull mature garlic plants when foliage is about 75% brown, tie in bundles and dry in well ventilated place, braid for storage or clip stems and store in mesh bags in a dry cool area.

Preparing and using

Garlic is a must in the kitchen, and growing it yourself beats anything you will find in the grocery store. Add it to soups, stew, stirfry's, dressings, dips and whatever else you can dream up. Try eating a minced clove raw to kick a cold before it starts. 

    Helpful Tips and Tricks

    Pot garlic heads or cloves and grow indoors for winter time use as greens. Harvest scapes in spring time for a garlic substitute before bulbs mature (usually around July) and don't forget to mulch over the winter.