Sun Exposure

1 per sqft     Spring, Summer, Fall 6-8hrs+


Kale is a perfect container vegetable and it's very easy to grow. Our climate in BC's South Coast is ideal for kale as the flavour improves after it has weathered a few frosts.

How do I Grow Kale?

For a season long crop, sow your kale seeds in groups of three 1/4-1/2 inches deep with the groups being planted 8 inches apart.  After the seedlings start to emerge, thin out the cluster with scissors, to one plant per group.  As kale grows throughout the season it may need an additional feeding of seaweed fertilizer.

For a quicker start look for seedlings at your local nursery. 

Companion Plants

Nasturtium, artichoke, beets, celery, lettuce


Greens 1 cup: Vitamin A (206%), Vitamin C (134%), Vitamin K (684%), Vitamin B6 (9%), Manganese (26%), Copper (10%), Calcium (9%)


Harvest your leaves by clipping them when they are 4-5 weeks old.  They can also be left to grow a little longer and produce larger leaves. Harvest the outer leaves or the oldest leaves first, but be sure to leave at least 4 leaves for new growth. 

Preparing and using

Kale is super rich in nutrients and very versatile in the kitchen. Once harvested place it in an airtight bag or container, and put it in the fridge. It is best used as fresh as possible, but be sure to wash it really well as there might be some cabbage worms hiding.  

    Helpful Tips and Tricks

    Try letting your kale bolt in its second year, It happens in the early spring and is a great early source of pollen for the bees