Sun Exposure

9 per sqft     Spring, Fall 6-8hrs+


Leeks are really easy to grow, and add a great flavour to your cooking! Leeks like lots of sun, but don't like it too hot, so spring and fall are the best times to plant. 

How Do I Grow Leeks?

They take a while before they are established, so they can be grown 8-10 weeks before last spring frost, indoors. It is not recommended to direct sow. Mulching is almost necessary with leeks to keep soil temperatures consistent. Easier to buy from transplant, especially if you live in an area where the warm growing season is less than 3 months long.

To grow your own transplants, sow in a flat in late winter (early Feb). When plants are large enough to handle, transplant to 1 1/2 inch cells in the same soil that you’ll use in the container that they will grow in. A week after last spring frost, plant your leeks outside by making a holes 2” apart with a pencil 4 inches deep and plant your leeks in the holes.

Hill your plants every couple weeks to get longest edible stems. Keep reservoir full and fertilize every month or so. Needs lots of food and water and a space free from other competing plants because of their shallow root system. They need as much sun as possible.

Companion Plants

Leeks can tolerate nasturtium, calendula, marigolds, but they prefer to be on their own, free from competition. 


Greens 1 cup: Vitamin A (206%), Vitamin C (134%), Vitamin K (684%), Vitamin B6 (9%), Manganese (26%), Copper (10%), Calcium (9%)


Harvest the entire plant once they are big enough, but before the first hard frost (usually early November in BC's South Coast). 

Preparing and using

Packed in damp sand or peat moss, harvested leeks will keep 6-8 weeks in a cool place. However, the longer they sit the more flavour they loose! Be sure to wash them really well.

    Helpful Tips and Tricks

    Add soil and mound around plants throughout the growing process to get more of the white edible root.