Sun Exposure

9 per sqft     Spring, Summer, Fall 6-8hrs+


Lettuce does well in our self-watering gardens because all their needs can be met. Lettuce is easy to grow and well suited for cooler growing seasons, but it can grow all year round, simply look for lettuce varieties that are suitable for winter or summer seasons, or use protection against the weather. 

How Do I Grow Lettuce?

Generally you can direct sow your lettuce seeds outside just after the last frost. If you would like lettuce quicker in the season start your seeds indoors 4-8 weeks before last frost.

If starting indoors put 5-10 seeds of in cups filled with vermiculite seven weeks before the last spring frost. Once the shoots appear move to full sun and pot up in seedling trays after 1-3 weeks.

Move your plants into their containers when they are 2-4" tall. Keep planting new transplants every other week until early summer.  During summer plant heat resistant varieties, pick a shady spot or try using a shade cover.  

Keep in mind that lettuce seeds are very small and will need to plant close the soils surface. Then just barely cover the seeds with fine textured planting mix. 

Companion Plants

Viola, calendula, beets, carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, dill


1 leaf :Vitamin A (7%), Vitamin K (10%),


Once the plant reaches 4-6" you can start harvesting. Try using the cut and come again harvesting technique, this is where you cut the entire plant down to 1" and wait for regrowth. If you'd prefer you can cut the outer leaves or you can cut the entire plant right down to soil level. For head lettuce (romaine, radicchio etc) wait until a head forms then cut the entire plant right down to the soil. 

Preparing and using

Lettuce is best consumed fresh and as soon as possible after harvesting. Storing it in the fridge in an air tight container will keep it fresh for a few weeks. Use it as the base for all your salads right through the growing season. 

    Helpful Tips and Tricks

    If you would like a unusual and unique salad, then plant as many varieties of lettuce as you can. When planing bury the plant a bit deeper than soil level so the plant stands up tall, it is more important to keep the leaves off the ground to prevent pests and disease.