Sun Exposure

1 per sqft     Summer 6-8hrs+


Okra is a plant that loves hot weather, but it doesn’t do well in places where the hot weather doesn’t last long, if you live in one of these areas you can grow short season varieties.  The edible part of Okra is the long, ribbed, fuzzy pod that can be yellow, red or green.

How Do I Grow Okra?

Start your okra seeds 6-8 weeks before last spring frost by soaking seeds overnight and planting them at a depth of 1 inch.  Set your seedlings out after soil is warm, 7-10 days after last spring frost.  You can warm the soil yourself using black plastic cover, this will speed up the germination.  Make sure to water in dry spells and feed okra with your choice of organic fertilizer once a month.

Or look for transplants at your local nursery. 

Companion Plants

Melons, cucumberssweet pepperseggplant


1 cup: Vitamin C (35%), Vitamin K (66%), Thiamin (13%), Vitamin B6 (11%), Folate (22%), Magnesium (14%), Manganese (50%)


Harvest your okra by clipping or pinching off the young pods when they are 1-4 inches long and still soft.  Make sure to harvest your okra daily in the warm summer weather.

Preparing and using

Okra can be stored in your refrigerator in a paper bag for 2-3 days and cooked okra can be stored in the refrigerator for 3-4 days.  After blanching okra for a whole two minutes, it can be frozen for up to twelve months.

    Helpful Tips and Tricks

    BBQ some young Okra pods at your next party for an interesting treat.