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Curated for container and raised bed gardening, each seed pack represents 1 square foot of garden space - Perfect for planning your LifeSpace Garden.

Onions are easy to grow and can be planted from sets, plants or seeds. The size of the onion’s bulb is determined by length of growing season, so if you have a short growing season start your seeds indoors.

Seeds per Pack: 8-10 | Spacing per square foot: 4

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Plant 4 seeds per square foot

Sun Exposure

Onions need 6-8 hours or more of sunlight

Start Indoors

Feb, March, June, July

Transplan Outside

April, May, Aug

Direct Seed

April, Aug


Aug, Sept

How do I grow onions?

Start 8-12 weeks before last spring frost and keep the seeds warm at room temperature until they have sprouted.  Once the seedlings have begun to sprout, about 5 days later, move them to full sun and place them in seedling trays.  

Four weeks before the last spring frost, transplant your onion seedlings into the garden. Make 4 holes per square foot and place your plant into each. Firm up the soil and water your new onions. If you are planting onions to be overwintered, start them indoors in the summer and plant them outside in the Fall

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Harvest onions by pulling them from the ground for fresh use as you need them. Onions with thick green stems don’t do well in storage, so you’ll need to use them right away. For onions that do store well, harvest them when most of the tops have turned brown and fallen over. Pull the entire bulb from the ground and lay them out flat to dry and cure for long term storage. 

When your onions are dry, braid the tops and hang in a cool dry place, or clip off the tops and store them in either a mesh bag or slat-sided boxes.

Helpful Tips and Tricks

To save yourself some space, sow several seeds in one pot and later transplant them as clumps


1 cup: Antibacterial, Vitamin C (20%), Thiamin (5%), Vitamin B6 (10%)

Preparing and using

Onions are easy to grow and almost necessary in the kitchen! They will store for months if kept in a dark, cool and dry place. Use them raw in your dips and salads or add them to whatever you're cooking for a nice flavour. Try different varieties to see which flavour you like the best

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