Sun Exposure

1 per sqft    Summer 6-8hrs+


Peppers are easy to grow in self watering containers and come in a variety of shapes and colours.  Peppers produce a plentiful harvest and are relatively disease and pest free.

How Do I Grow Peppers?

Grow your peppers indoors then transplant them into your containers.  Sprinkle 5-10 pepper seeds into a cup of vermiculite about seven weeks before last spring frost.  Cover your seeds with 1/4 inch more vermiculite and keep them at 70 F until they sprout.  Your pepper seeds will sprout in 10-15 days and once they do move them to a spot where they will get full sun.

After 1-3 weeks of growing, pot up your peppers in seedling trays.  Peppers need warm soil to continue growing, so transplant them two weeks after the last spring frost.  You can pre warm the soil with black plastic to help make the soil warmer faster. Make sure to keep your container’s reservoir topped up as peppers need the water, especially during dry spells.

Or if you'd prefer a quicker start look for transplants at your local nursery. 

Companion Plants

Basil, okra


1 cup red pepper: Vitamin A (93%), Vitamin C (317%), Vitamin E (12%), Vitamin B6 (22%), Folate (17%), Fibre (13%), Potassium (9%), Manganese (8%)


Peppers can be harvested at almost any stage of their development, if you want green peppers begin to harvest right away.  If you prefer yellow or red peppers, then wait a little longer for your peppers to turn your preferred colour.

Stems on your peppers can break easily so be careful when you’re harvesting them. Be sure to keep 1 inch of stem on your pepper for a longer storage period. 

Preparing and using

Enjoy your sweet peppers either raw or cooked. Sweet peppers are high vitamins and very versatile! If you like spicy food hot peppers will be your best friend! They are prolific once they get growing, plus there are literally hundreds of varieties to choose from, experiment to find ones that suit you.

    Helpful Tips and Tricks

    If you want to try growing hotter or unique varieties, look in your local seed catalogs. Try picking your peppers when they are green at the beginning of the season to encourage more growth later on.