Sun Exposure

9 per sqft    Spring, Fall, Winter 4-6hrs+


Rutabaga is a rugged vegetable that shrugs off cold and adverse conditions. Try it in soups and stews.

How Do I Grow Rutabaga?

Sow 12-14 weeks before first fall frost. Thin to stand 4-6 inches apart. Cultivate early; plants produce large leaves that will quickly grow to shade out weeds.

Companion Plants

Peas, vetch


1 cup: Vitamin C (58%), Fibre (14%), Potassium (13%), Manganese (12%)


Pull when large enough for use (optimal is about tennis ball size). Greens are also edible. Harvest all roots before hard freeze and store in damp sand or sawdust in a cool place. Can be waxed to prevent wrinkling during storage, trim root and crown and dip them briefly in a pot of water with a layer of melted paraffin on top. Harvest in autumn to store for winter. 

Preparing and using

Rutabaga are a great root vegetable to keep throughout the fall and winter. Try them in stews or roasted with other fall and winter veggies! 

    Helpful Tips and Tricks

    Rutabega’s store very well, so feel free to oversow your seeds to have a continuous supply through the winter months.