Sun Exposure

1 per sqft Spring, Summer, Fall 4-6hrs+


Sage is a great herb to add to your garden! Not only is it fragrant and adds a soft texture to your garden, but it also repels pests. It is paramount during the holiday season and in all of our delicious holiday meals.

How do I Grow Sage?  

Sage prefers to be grown by cuttings rather than seeds. If you do decide to plant from seed keep soil well warmed (at around 15-21 C or 60-70 F) and consistently moist but not wet. Sow seeds ⅛” deep and lightly cover will soil. Germination will occur 2-3 weeks, then thin to 18” apart. It will be extremely slow growing for the first few weeks, be patient.

Prune in the spring and again after it’s first bloom. This will encourage bushy, compact growth.


Companion Plants

Attracts beneficials and repels cabbage moth and carrot rust fly, but do not plant near cucumber


Harvest sage regularly throughout the growing season to avoid the plant get stringy. Clip leaves as they become big enough, it is important to shape your plant in the first couple years of its life to prevent splitting.


Per 1tbsp: Vitamin K (43%), Vitamin B6 (3%), Fibre (3%) aids in digestion.

Preparing and using

Sage is great in soups, on meats, as a garnish and to add flavour to roasted vegetables.

Helpful Tips and Tricks

Try choosing some colourful varieties of sage to add some character to your garden.