Sun Exposure

1 per sqft    Spring, Fall 4-6hrs+


French sorrel is classified between a herb and salad green. It can be used in soups and salads, and their leaves have a lemony flavour. French sorrel can withstand dry weather, and is perennial! 

How do I Grow Sorrel?

Start your french sorrel by directly sowing them into your container 2-3 weeks before last spring frost. Thin the seeds to stand 6-8 inches apart and mulch to encourage the best production of leaves. Top dress the bed with compost every fall or spring. In about 3-4 years start a new bed from seed or divide existing plants.

Companion Plants

Rosemary, sage, thyme


Improves digestion, anti-aging, fights skin infections


Harvest your french sorrel by picking their leaves as you need them.  They produce well in the spring, but less so in the summer.  

Preparing and using

Leaves can be frozen for later use in soups or sauces.

    Helpful Tips and Tricks

    Cut flowers off when it produces them to keep the energy of the plant on producing greens.