Sun Exposure

9 per sqft    Spring, Fall 4-6hrs+


Spinach is an excellent vegetable to include in your container garden as they are cold hardy and can over winter in many areas. Spinach is also a rapid grower that does well in small spaces. It will need to be kept cool in spring and will bolt to seed if the weather is too hot.

How Do I Grow Spinach?

Direct sow seeds as soon as temperature reaches 10 C (50 F) in early spring.  If you want baby greens, space 1 inch from each other and harvest them when leaves are 3-4 inches tall.  For mature plants, have your seeds planted 1 inch apart from each other and thin to 3 inches.  

Start planting spinach in mid-july if you want a fall/winter crop and with the proper protection they can grow well into December.

Be careful working around very wet leaves as they can break easily.

Companion Plants

strawberries, other greens


Vitamin A, b1, C and Iron


Spinach finishes its harvest when it elongates and forms a central stem, which will become the flower stock.  When this happens pull the plant and pick the leaves.  Before that point, pick the plants outer leaves as you need them and keep picking to encourage further production. Or use cut and come again harvesting and cut the entire plant back to 1” and wait for regrowth.

Preparing and using

Spinach needs to be washed carefully to ensure all the soil is removed.  After you’ve washed your spinach, pat dry and store it in your refrigerator. Use raw or cooked! 

    Helpful Tips and Tricks

    You can search for bolt resistant spinach varieties if you would like to grow spinach in the summer. Make sure you don’t crowd the seeds, spinach needs room to breathe.