Sun Exposure

4 per sqft    Spring, Summer 6-8hrs+


Strawberries are very popular among gardeners and many of them barely make it to the basket because people love to eat them as soon as they are ripe. Strawberries will bear fruit for 3-4 years and then die shortly afterwards.  

There are 3 types of strawberries, June-bearing (sets fruit in June), Everbearing (will set fruit twice during growing season) and day neutral (not affected by length of day). Another plant variety to consider adding to your container garden is the alpine strawberry as it will reward you with small tasty fruit over a long period of time.

How do I Grow Strawberries?

Purchase your strawberries in packs of a dozen and transplant them in early spring when soil isn’t frozen or wet.  Make sure that when you plant them, their crowns (place where leaf stems emerge) is even with the soil surface.  Check your container’s reservoir to ensure it has the water, so your strawberries stay moist.

Companion Plants

Beans, spinach, borage, lettuce


1 cup: Vitamin C (149%), Fibre (12), Manganese (29%), Potassium (7%)


When your strawberries look glossy and there is no more white left of the fruit, then they are ready to be picked and pick them soon because they are only ripe for a brief period of time.  Clip your strawberries with a pair of scissors to avoid bruising your fruit.

Preparing and using

Use your strawberries as soon as you’ve picked them.  If you're not planning to use them right away then freeze them for later.

    Helpful Tips and Tricks

    Cut back runners to the mother plant to encourage fruit growth.