Summer Squash
Summer Squash
Summer Squash

Summer Squash




Sun Exposure

1 per 2 sqft    Summer 6-8hrs+


Summer squash needs lots of sun and lots of room, as it is unbelievably prolific and will take over a container. Most summer squash varieties are bush and they need a container that is about 3’x3’ to grow. You can buy vertically grown squash by checking tags, seed packets or catalogs to save you space.

How do I Grow Summer Squash?

Direct sow your squash seeds into their containers when the soil is 70 F.  Plant 3 seeds 3/4 inches deep in their containers and cover them with row covers until you see the blossoms.  Once you see their blossoms, remove the covers so you can encourage the bees to pollinate them.  Squash will need ample moisture which our self-watering containers provide. Be sure to give your squash food regularly, they are heavy feeders. Or try planting them with beans (a nitrogen fixer). 

If you live in an area with a shorter growing season, look for transplants at your local nursery. 

Companion Plants

radish and basil


Vitamin A, B and C


Harvest summer squash when they are young, tender and smaller.  For zucchini harvest when it is 4-8 inches and for yellow squash harvest when its 4-5 inches. If you’re growing pattypans harvest them when they are about the size of a teacup.  

As long as you keep on top of your harvest your squash will keep producing, and if you have excess freeze or pickle them.  Be careful when you’re cutting their stem as they are tender and can bruise easily.

Preparing and using

Summer squash can be cooked by lightly steaming them or using them in stir fry.

    Helpful Tips and Tricks

    Companion planting with radish and basil will help repel pests like the beetle and squash bug.