Summer Squash

Summer Squash

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Curated for container and raised bed gardening, each seed pack represents 1 square foot of garden space - Perfect for planning your LifeSpace Garden.

Summer squash needs lots of sun and lots of room, as it is unbelievably prolific and will take over a container. Most summer squash varieties are bush and they need a container all to themselves

Seeds per Pack: 2-3 | Spacing per square foot: 1 plant per 3 sqft

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Plant 1 seed per square foot

Sun Exposure

Summer squash needs 4-6 hours or more of sunlight

Start Indoors

April, May

Transplant Outside

May, June

Direct Seed



August, September

How do I Grow Summer Squash

You can start your seeds indoors 3-4 weeks before planting outside soil temperatures reach 20 degrees C, or simply direct seed.  Squash will need ample space and moisture - perfect for self-watering gardens. Be sure to give your squash food regularly, they are heavy feeders. Or try planting them with beans (a nitrogen fixer)

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Beans (Bush)


Harvest summer squash when they are young, tender and smaller. 

As long as you keep on top of your harvest your squash will keep producing, and if you have excess freeze or pickle them.  Be careful when you’re cutting their stem as they are tender and can bruise easily. Cut the stem off as close to the stalk as possible without damaging the central stalk.

Helpful Tips and Tricks

Companion planting with radish and basil will help repel pests like the beetle and squash bug


Vitamin A, B and C

Preparing and using

Summer squash can be cooked by lightly steaming them or using them in stir fry. An all-star brushed with olive oil and herbs then grilled

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