Sun Exposure

1 per sqft Spring, Summer, Fall 4-6hrs+


Thyme is one of the most diverse herbs in the game, you can find everything from creeping thyme to spicy orange thyme. It is absolutely worth experimenting to see what works best for you and your garden. Not to mention all of the awesome uses in the kitchen.

How do I Grow Thyme?  

Growing from seeds is challenging and slow, starting from a transplant or an offcut is recommended.

If you do decide to grow from seed, sow indoors late February to mid-April. You will need a grow light and a heat mat. Sprinkle the miniscule thyme seeds over moist, sterilized soil. Keep soil moist but do not water, thyme seeds seedlings can damped off. Once big enough move to a bright window, then harden them off slowly.

Prune in early spring and again after it blooms. This will encourage, more compact and bushy growth.

Companion Plants

Attracts beneficials when in bloom, repels cabbage moth. Plant with strawberries.


Harvest the leaves whenever you want. If you live somewhere warmer than zone 7 you can harvest your thyme year round. If you live somewhere colder, we recommend planting in a garden you can move indoors.


Per 1tbsp: Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Manganese, Iron

Preparing and using

Thyme is great in soups, on meats, as a garnish and to add flavour to roasted vegetables.

Helpful Tips and Tricks

Try creeping thyme for a lovely, fragrant ground cover.