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Curated for container and raised bed gardening, each seed pack represents 1 square foot of garden space - Perfect for planning your LifeSpace Garden.

Tomatoes are absolutely great to grow in your LifeSpace Garden.

A trellis or support is going to be necessary, so plant accordingly and enjoy beautiful plants and one of nature's most delicious treats.

Seeds per Pack: 2-3 | Spacing per square foot: 1 plant per 1.5/2 sqft

All profits from our seed sales go towards cool community partner initiatives that bring people together. Have an idea? Tell us about it!

Provide us with your name, email, and let us know if you are a home owner, an architect, or a landscaper.


Plant 1 seed per square foot

Sun Exposure

Tomatoes need 8 or more hours of sunlight

Start Indoors

March, April

Transplant Outside

May, June

Direct Seed



July, Aug, Sep

how do i grow tomatoes?

Grow your tomatoes from seed indoors six weeks before last spring frost. Just barely cover your seeds with potting mix and water.  After 1-2 weeks at 20 C your tomato seeds will start to sprout, once that happens move them to a spot where they will get full sun.

Be sure to harden them off by putting them outside in the day and bringing them inside at night before planting outside.

Transplant your Tomatoes into their LifeSpace Garden when the danger of frost has passed and night temps are reliably above 10 C before planting outside.

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Check your tomatoes daily for firmness as that’s when they are ready to be harvested.  Cut the stem off ripe tomatoes to remove them from the plant.  If you leave your tomatoes on the vine for too long, they will get mushy and soft

Helpful Tips and Tricks

Prune suckers back often to keep your tomato plant under control and producing fruit. If your tomato plant produces blossoms soon after transplanting clip them off to help the plant focus on establishing a root system


1 cup: Vitamin A (25%), Vitamin C (32%), Vitamin K (15%), Potassium (10%), Folate (6%)

Preparing and using

Tomatoes can be used in a number of ways such as for cooking or canning.

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