Commercial and Municipal

Nothing beautifies public space like a thriving garden. Over the last 10 years, we’re taken great pride in working with Builders, Designers, Cities and Municipalities to beautify public spaces - with gardens, parklets and tactical urbanism installations.

In public space maintenance is key. Traditional forms or irrigation are either untenable, exceedingly costly, or very labour intensive. In these scenarios LifeSpace Gardens have consistently proven to reduce long terms maintenance costs by more than 80% - both the City of North Vancouver, and the District of West Vancouver have adjusted their summertime watering schedules from daily to once every 2 weeks.

This simplified and reduced maintenance schedule has allowed us to create some of the most unique and progressive urban agriculture installations growing! For Commercial and Municipal projects, we have the capacity to manufacture additional woodwork components such as:


  • Benches & Seating

  • Modular Boardwalk Panels

  • Trellises, pergolas, covered areas.


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