Embark on a journey of growth with the LifeSpace Partnership Program. This program is crafted to empower individuals, landscapers and foodscapers by providing specialized training, co-branded sales packages, online representation, and a unique commission system. It's not just about gardening; it's a path to cultivating a successful and rewarding partnership by helping people grow their own food.

The LifeSpace
Partnership Experience


Personalized Training

Eligible partners receive specific training, ensuring they have the knowledge and skills required to install and promote LifeSpace Gardens products effectively.

Co-Branded Sales Package

The co-branded sales package with the installer's logo alongside the LifeSpace Hummingbird helps create a professional and unified image, instilling confidence.

Online Representation

A personalized landing page provides a space for Certified Foodscpers to sell gardens, offer Edible Garden Consultations, and earn a commission with every sale.

Booking System

Book Edible Garden Consultations directly through Share in online traffic, and have clients book Edible Garden Consultations directly through the website.

Affiliate Code

A unique link code credits installers for sales, enabling transparent tracking. Automated commission transfers ensure fair compensation, whether the sale is immediate or a result of retargeting efforts.

Dropship Commission

The dropship commission adds an additional incentive for installers to actively promote LifeSpace Gardens products, as they receive a commission for any sale originating from their unique link code.

Join a network of businesses and professionals growing the future of food!

Join a network of businesses and professionals growing the future of food!

Self-Watering Raised Beds

Custom Self-Wathering Gardens

Self-Watering Raised Beds

Custom Self-Wathering Gardens

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a Foodscaper and a Certified Foodscaper?

Our goal at LifeSpace is to build out a network of professionals and organizations dedicated to helping people grow their own food.

If you’re an organization that’s already offering foodscaping or edible garden services, we’ve got special pricing and a promo package just for you! However, if you’re one of those unique businesses that not only wants to join us on this mission, but grow their own business along the way… Our Certified Foodscaper Program can help you share even more in the LifeSpace magic - Apply now to learn more.

Certified Installers receive:

  • Top tier of industry pricing

  • Online representation and regional service area

  • Ability to sell/book Edible Garden Consultations on and share in online traffic.

  • Personalized landing page with micro online store, with increased drop-shipping commision.

Do you offer partnership opportunities for traditional Landscapers or construction professionals?

Absolutely. While we encourage the training and support for those interested in taking part in our Certified Foodscaper program, we also offer industry pricing to help incentivize landscapers and building professionals to promote LifeSpace Gardens to new and established clientele. Apply now to learn more.


What is a LifeSpace Community Cultivator?

A Community Cultivator can be a School volunteer wanting to help fundraise for a new school garden, a strata member wanting to help their neighbours all grow together, a content creator wanting to educate and inspire, or even a realtor who wants to help their clients and new home owners grow their own food.

A LifeSpace Community Cultivator may not have the expertise to professionally install a garden, but wants to promote LifeSpace in a way that either earns a commission or fundraises for a garden goal.

Apply now to learn more about our Community Cultivator Program.

Do you have resources for Designers or Architects?

Yes! LifeSpace has a long and successful history working with the design community across North America. Click the links below to download our Spec Package and/or inspiration guide. Or contact us to get our 3d files or to Book a Lunch and learn with your team and learn how you can incorporate self-watering gardens and urban agriculture into any project.


Residential Installations? Book an Edible Garden Consultation, so we can work with you to create the perfect garden for your space, budget and LifeStyle. During the consultation, you will receive tailored advice and guidance on all aspects of creating a successful edible garden.

Transform your space. Transform your life.