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Perhaps the most impactful of all LifeSpace Projects, are the school installations we’ve been a part of.

School gardens have one very specific challenge – everyone is away on summer vacation when all the summer crops are growing! Teachers and parent volunteers then have 2 options: Send someone everyday to water, or only grow a Spring Garden with crops that can be harvested before the kids head off for the Summer.

For 99% of school gardens - there's nothing growing in the summer.

However, with LifeSpace Gardens – watering maintenance is reduced from daily to once a week at most. Not only does this make it much easier for the volunteers, but it also makes it much easier to recruit volunteers – as watering transforms from a challenge and guesswork to a simple reservoir fill that anyone can do, no matter their experience.

All the same principles apply to community gardens as well – the water conservation also a highlighting factor. The results are incredible, with an impact that branches across communities and generations.



Ryall Park Community Garden


The launch of the Ryall Park Community Garden in the beautiful City of New Westminster was an incredible event. This installation was over 2 years in the making and connected a group of amazing organizations all focused on empowering people with the skills, knowledge and support to grow their own food.

Extra thanks goes out to:

WorkBC and their Community and Employer Partnerships program
EFry Vancouver residents from the nearby Mazarine Lodge
778-Top-Soil for the amazing organic soil
Spectrum Ability
Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association (CHTA
Westland Design

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