Rooftop and Amenity

LifeSpace Gardens are the perfect solution for rooftop and amenity spaces throughout the Vancouver area – and for Commercial Projects across North America.

Featuring the GardenWell sub-irrigation system – LifeSpace Gardens add rain water retention, can reduce water consumption by up to 80%, reduce maintenance and eliminate the need for cumbersome and costly drip irrigation systems.

Enjoy the beautiful aesthetic and warmth of natural cedar, with a longevity comparable and exceeding most synthetics. LifeSpace Gardens are completely protected from the inside out, so that the soil and water never contact with the woodwork – eliminating the chance of rot. This adds 2-3x the lifespan compared to traditional cedar planters.

For designers and architects, you can streamline your drawings and elevate your plans. For landscape pro’s our gardens are perfect every time, and easy to install so you can reduce your site labour and streamline your installations.

  • Rooftop Urban Gardens and Urban Agriculture.

  • Amenity Patio Planters & Seating.

  • Self-Watering Planters for Small trees, Bushes, and Shrubs.

  • Unit dividers and Privacy Screens.

  •  *NEW* Engineered Safety Railing Planters.