Our Mission

Is to help people grow their own food.

Our vision is a future with gardens on every balcony, in every yard, on all the rooftops, and in the most beautiful public spaces.

It's a future where we are reconnected with our food, our environment, our communities and each other.

Let's Grow!

LifeSpace Gardens circa 2012

This story begins in the Spring of 2012, and it's one of daring escapades, disaster, triumph and near tragedy. It's the story of two friends with a bold idea, exceptional levels of perseverance, and a deep desire to make the world a better place.

At the beginning of our tale, our two young protagonists had the realization that something was wrong, very wrong, and it was affecting everyone they loved, everyone around them, and nobody seemed to realize what was happening or didn't seem to care. Our food was being poisoned and wasted, our soil destroyed, and our veggies shipped from thousands of miles away, wrapped in plastic and devoid of flavour and nutrition.

A tragedy. Unspoken of and unrealized.

How could this happen? Why is this the way? Why aren't people growing their own food? What can we do about it?

And so our adventure begins...

At the beginning, it was Wes Hooper, and Cooper Pantages building gardens and working out of a storage locker. But word spread quickly, and with this early momentum came insight. People resonated with the LifeSpace mission, more projects came in, and the greater problem became clear; and it came in two parts.

The first part is that no big changes to our food system were going to happen, without small changes happening first. That the first step is to reconnect people with their food and how it's grown. To cultivate the awareness and the tools to understand that change can happen and the power to change is in our own hands. It just has to be cool, and fun, and desirable.

This was is no small task.

But the second part was the most affirming. Almost everyone expressed a desire to grow their own food. Everyone loved the idea of it, in fact most people have tried but failed. However, despite what they told themselves, it had absolutely nothing to do with the colour of their thumb, they just forgot to water one weekend and all their plants died.

It became very obvious. When it comes to growing, water is the biggest challenge for everyone.

So the challenge became this:

How do we make watering your garden, easy and intuitive? How do we reduce water consumption and make it sustainable? How do we break the stigma of veggie gardens being a falling apart box at the back of the yard, and instead position them as a beautiful show stopping, conversation starting point of pride?

How do we convince people, businesses and communities to make an investment in their life space?

Fast forward to today, and there are a lot more people who have joined us on this growing adventure.

We have an amazing team here at LifeSpace, who are really responsible for most of the awesome things that happen. We have thousands of happy LifeSpace Gardeners, who have been growing with us for years. We've had the pleasure of building hundreds of gardens for schools and communities, and we have the absolute pleasure of working with dozens of businesses, from landscapers to landscape architects, who all believe that it's time to grow some food.

So join us. The real adventure is just about to get growing!

Wesley Hooper

Co-Founder | Product Designer| Ceo


Wes' Favourite Garden

Cooper Pantages

Co-Founder | Project Manager | COO


Coop's Favourite Garden

Lycia Jones

Office Manager | Commercial Sales

Lycia's Favourite Garden

Heather Lee

Community Cultivator | Sales Coordinator

Heather's Favourite Garden

Team LifeSpace

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